Meet the People

The Lincoln Family Medicine Program (LFMP) is dedicated to education and support of the nation’s finest family physicians. A faculty comprised of nine board-certified family physicians, a psychologist and an MBA-level business manager is the driving force that enables residents to realize their full potential. Additionally, nearly 500 doctors from Lincoln and its surrounding communities, representing all medical specialties, serve as volunteer faculty for the program. Lincoln's medical community has demonstrated continuous commitment in training our residents, who are first in line for all procedural experience. With no other residencies competing for faculty time, our residents continually consider this one of the most valuable assets of the residency.

Fortunately for Lincoln and the state of Nebraska, the brightest and the best family physicians apply for residency at LFMP. The community values its medical personnel and treats its residents with the utmost respect. Residents are the most important component of our program and are treated in the same manner as other community physicians, from free parking to status as personal physician for their panel of patients. Residents are chosen in a highly selective process that requires an application through ERAS and a personal interview. Each is ultimately selected through the National Residency Matching Program. At LFMP, great people become excellent doctors.