Management of Health Systems

The Practice Management curriculum in Lincoln is designed to prepare residents for the challenges of the business aspects of practice.   From the first days of orientation, residents begin learning longitudinally about coding and billing, insurance issues, teamwork in both the office and hospital, helping design efficient work flow and use of electronic medical records.   

Throughout a resident’s training, there will also be interactive conferences provided by local experts as well as individualized meetings with faculty about understanding legal issues, financial statements, contract negotiation and related business topics.  

Here is what our residents have had to say about the Practice Management curriculum at the Lincoln Family Medicine Programs.  

 “It was great having Jim and Dr. Craig advise me before I signed my contract.   I didn’t really know where to start negotiating details, but with their help I am pretty happy with the final deal.”

 “I was surprised talking to some of my friends at other residencies that they don’t learn much about coding.  They have their billing office code for all their visits.”

  “I liked the stuff about how to best steer clear of malpractice cases.”

 “I especially like meeting with the coders every month and going through some of my notes.  I usually dread talking about the money aspect, but when you realize how much difference something simple like coding correctly can make per year, you start to pay attention.”