Salary and benefits offered at LFMP are competitive with other residency programs in this area of the country. Lincoln is considered to be one of the best cities in America to live and raise a family, based on cost of living, economic and educational opportunities, and cultural and social activities.

Stipends are as follows:

  • First-Year Resident: $57,534
  • Second-Year Resident: $59,664
  • Third-Year Resident: $62,096

Insurance: Professional liability insurance is provided at no cost to residents. Allowances for life, dental, health and disability insurance are provided with several plans to suit specific needs.

Vacation and Sick Leave: Residents are entitled to four weeks of vacation per year and 12 days of sick leave per year. (The American Board of Family Medicine requires that absence from the program in excess of one month in any given year must be made up before the resident advances to the next level of training.)

Educational Leave: Residents are allowed five working days per year to attend approved educational conferences. Program funds are available to assist with expenses.

Tax-Sheltered Annuity: Residents may participate in the University of Nebraska tax- deferred investment plan.

Zero Interest Loan:  Residents are able to borrow money interest free for specific approved expenses during their residency training.

On-Call:  Smart phones are provided so on-call responsibilities can be managed from home when possible.  In-house call for Lincoln Family Medicine patients is not required.

Dues & Fees: The Program provides membership to the Lancaster County Medical Society, Nebraska Medical Association, Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians, and American Academy of Family Physicians to all first-year residents.  DEA fees will be paid by the Program.

Meals: We provide lunch for our residents at our daily noon conferences. Breakfast and lunch are available free of charge at each teaching hospital’s doctors’ lounge.

White Coats: Personalized white coats are provided for residents.

Parking: Free parking is available at local hospitals and Lincoln Family Medicine Center.

Laptop Computers: Each incoming resident will be provided a MacBook Air for use in the clinic and at home. The laptop will become the property of the resident upon graduation from the program.

Electronic Medical Records: Secure electronic medical records provide access to patient records from home and hospitals.